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The Pros and Cons of Manufactured Homes

Four types of manufactured houses essentially dominate the market. The first three—modular, panel, and precut homes—vary by how much of the home is built at the factory and how much is completed on-site. The fourth, mobile homes, are typically finished

What to Look for in Buying a Twin Home Part (2)

Their neighbors, also first-time homebuyers, were great, and everything went smoothly for a couple of years. Then a slowdown in the local economy forced several large businesses to lay off people, and Pat and Andy’s neighbor was one of the

What to Look for in Buying a Twin Home?

A twin home is basically a duplex with each side owned separately, or two single-family homes connected by a common wall. Financing is the same as for a detached single-family home because the homeowner owns both the dwelling and the

Preparing the Wedding

When your boyfriend proposes to marry you, what is your answer? Of course you will say “I do”. It is a simple sentence but has a wonderful meaning. It means he wants to marry you; he’s ready to make a

Cheap & Modern Living Room Furniture Style

When a couple decides to get married, what are the things planned mostly by them? Maybe they plan to hold a big party, decide the place to have a nice honeymoon, etc. However, don’t forget the most important to do