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Know What You’re Buying

Before you go very far toward buying a timeshare, exercise due diligence and know exactly what you’re getting. The following are some tips to keep in mind:

What to Look for in Buying a Twin Home Part (2)

Their neighbors, also first-time homebuyers, were great, and everything went smoothly for a couple of years. Then a slowdown in the local economy forced several large businesses to lay off people, and Pat and Andy’s neighbor was one of the

What to Look for in Buying a Twin Home?

A twin home is basically a duplex with each side owned separately, or two single-family homes connected by a common wall. Financing is the same as for a detached single-family home because the homeowner owns both the dwelling and the

What to Look for in Buying a PUD Part (3)

But when new people were voted into the homeowners association, things began to change. New, more restrictive rules were passed by the new administration: RVs were now prohibited from being parked next to houses. Christmas decorations on the exterior of

What to Look for in Buying a PUD Part (2)

Financing to purchase a PUD is the same as financing a singlefamily home, since you own both the dwelling and the land. However, you have to factor the HOA fees into your qualifying ratios. Addition ally, you may run into