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What Mortgage Insurance Costs You?

Again, the mortgage industry is all about risk, and what determines your monthly premium is your down payment and your credit score.

Private Mortgage Insurance: The Good, the Bad, and Good Riddance

Essentially, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is an insurance policy issued by private companies that insures mortgages against default. You might say it’s similar to Lloyds of London insuring a BMW holein- one prize in a golf tournament. Chances are that

How to Pick the Best Loan after Knowing APR?

In reality, the federal disclosure law creates a useful loan comparison tool. You can have two lenders,

Knowing About the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Can Save You Money

How would you like a tool that gives you the ability to compare and pick the best loan? The good news is that such a tool exists, and it can save you thousands of dollars; the bad news is that

Understanding Points and Buydowns (4)

Points are normally charged by mortgage lenders as a way of increasing their upfront profit and of offsetting the uncertainty of a loan that would normally go fifteen to thirty years. However, since few mortgages go to their full term