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Time to Toss

 Every week or two check the expiration dates on foods in your fridge and toss any that are past due, particularly if they’re lumpy, sporting a greenish cast when they should be white or yellow, or require you to wear

Spill-N-Wash Liners

 These are your machine-washable option that look cute and you can can find at www.Mom4life .com. Besides, they were invented by a mom so we should show our thanks for her helpfulness!

How to Make My Small House Looks Elegant?

Hi guys, how you doing? How was your weekend? Last night I got an email from one of this blog reader who ask me ‘how to make my small house looks elegant?’ Well, I thought it was an interesting question


Child’s Play A youngster and a stick vacuum—now that’s my idea of offensive cleaning! Kids love to vacuum and it’s a safe way to let them share in the joy of housekeeping and to keep debris at bay. If you

Home Tips for New Couple

Having decided to get married, the couple decides to build a new life. They want to run a happy life in a new house. They have a dream house and they want to make all dreams will come true. A