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Take Care of Your Performance

What do you do to support your performance in your daily activities? Of course, everyone want to do the best for their performance, right? In this article I’ll discuss about two things that are really important to support your performance

Dream Comes True

When I was a final year student, I had a close friend named Kayla Jecevic. I usually called her, Kay and she called me, Max. In fact, I felt something special about her but I did not know her feeling.

Reasons Why You Have to Invest at Property

Yesterday I got an email from Gary, I think he is one of my blog reader, he asked me why property is the best investment choice. Well I think Gary is not alone, I bet some of you still wonder

Remove Racks

When the self-cleaning function is in play it’s best to take out the racks and let them sit overnight in your sink or bathtub in hot, sudsy detergent water. You want to remove them before cleaning since the heat created

Make It A Habit

After every cooking soiree and once the appliance has cooled, get in the habit of wiping off your cooktop, the inside of the oven door, or any other area that you can easily reach or is easily seen by others.