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Measuring for Window Coverings (3)

The type of fabric you use for window coverings will depend on your clients’ preferences, on the intended purpose (purely decorative, light control, insulation, etc.), on the color scheme, and sometimes on the availability of certain materials. If you’re working

Measuring for Window Coverings (2)

For an inside mounting, measure the window in three different places, both vertically and horizontally. Sometimes, a window frame can have small differences and you want to fit to the least width and height. Otherwise, you could end up with

Must Know Repairs and Renovation Checklist

?  Have any repairs completed (e.g. fixing cracks in the wall or ceiling) ?  Arrange for any painting required on walls or ceiling ?  Arrange for installation of any wall coverings (wallpaper)

How to Handle any Troubleshooting Easily

Determine if anything needs to be repaired (such as a crack in the wall or ceiling) or if any renovations and/or installations are to be done and have these co-ordinated and completed before decorating begins. For example, if an archway