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Kitchen Cabinets for You

Where do you put your cooking appliances at home? Of course the answer is in the kitchen. Do you have kitchen cabinets to put it in your kitchen? Kitchen cabinets are one of important things at home, especially in the

What You’ll Do For Broken Glass

• FOR LARGER PIECES: Use the duster and dust pan followed by the hand or stick vacuum.

Broken Glass

Being the klutz I am, I have dropped more than my share of glasses. Same holds true for friends and family who’ve enjoyed one too many of my accidental housewifely dirty martinis—a cocktail that I am especially fond of since

What they’ll do for Baked-on Crunch

• Bring out your good ol’ baking soda and have them mix it with water in a small bowl. It’s three parts baking soda to one part water so, depending upon how big a mess it is, you may need to

Baked-On Crunch

What you’ll need: