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Decorating House

Everybody dream of a nice house to live in. They have their dream how their home look like. To make what they dream come true they always furnish and decorate the home base on their desire. This is one of

Dealing With Your Window Cover (2)

Light Control Another reason to include window coverings is to control the amount of sunlight that is allowed into a room. During the bright of day, your client may want the option to tilt blinds or close curtains and drapes

Selecting Upholstered Furniture

When selecting upholstered furniture, you will often be able to select the upholstery (i.e. fabric) from a number of options that are available with the particular furniture line. You will want to select a fabric that has a texture, design,

Using Lamps for Lighting (3)

Shades come in many different sizes and colors and can be found with fabrics made from many different patterns and textures. When selecting lamps and shades, make sure that you bring fabric swatches of your furniture, flooring, and other room