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The Best Thing to do on Weekend

Weekend is the time when you can ‘escape’ from your daily job routine. After working so hard from Monday to Friday, I think you deserve to get some ‘reward’ on your weekend. For me, the reward is the time to

How to Choose Professional Painting Service?

Looking for professional painting service is not an easy thing to do these days because everyone labeled themselves as ‘Professional Painting service provider’. I knew it because last month I tried to a professional painting service around my house at

The Week Before You Move: Tell Family, Friends And Work You’re Moving

If your mum is anything like my mum, she has to have your contact details in order to get to sleep at night. It’s no use giving people your new contact details a week or two after you have moved

Preparing the Wedding

When your boyfriend proposes to marry you, what is your answer? Of course you will say “I do”. It is a simple sentence but has a wonderful meaning. It means he wants to marry you; he’s ready to make a

Planning the Family Gathering

The times when the entire family gathers are very special. When your children grow up and continue studying in another city, the gathering time becomes more special. Why don’t you spend this special time by going for excursion? You can