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Maximize Your Opportunity as an Intern

Once you have an internship, do a first-class job with every task you are given, even the menial tasks. Everyone “pays their dues” when they are starting a new career, and those who do it with a positive attitude can

Find An Internship As Interior Designer

An internship is a short-term, entry-level position that gives you hands-on work experience. As an intern you would go to work for a company at regularly scheduled times (although you might work as few as eight hours per week) and

Volunteer for Charity, Why Not?

Imagine being able to do what you love, get valuable experience, and make a difference in your community at the same time. You can do all of these things by volunteering to decorate interiors for charity. While opportunities will vary

Offer to Work For Free to Some Business

When you put the word out that you are looking for interiors to decorate, you can let your friends and family members know you are available to decorate their businesses as well as their homes. Here are some possibilities:

Get Experience By Decorate Your Friend House (2)

When someone wants to use your services, try to treat them the way you would treat a “real” client. Meet to discuss their needs, and make sure you discuss any budget. If they want you to buy materials for them,