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Women and Their Beautiful Faces

Every woman wants to have beautiful face but sometimes they are not confident with their appearances. Women always try to be perfect, don’t they? Bear in mind women, nobody’s perfect in this world. Everybody must have some shortages and excesses. We can’t be perfect but we can cover our shortages.

I believe that all women always prioritize their face appearances because face is the first part that is looked by other people. Women need to take care of their face well if they want to look beautiful. They should wash their face regularly at least two times one day in the morning and night especially for the women who often use makeup.

The problem that usually shows up on women’s face is acne. I’m sure that every woman doesn’t want to have acne on their face. In fact, acnes are the biggest enemy for women. Acne usually turns up suddenly on our face. You actually can avoid acne by consuming nutritious food and reducing consuming some foods like: nuts, chocolates, etc. Besides, women usually do beauty treatment to cure their acne at the nearest dermatologist or beauty clinic.

Furthermore, I met many women are not confident with their appearance only because they have short eyelash. Oh, I think it’s ridiculous. Come on, women, you are still beautiful even though you have short eyelash, but women are still women. As I mention above that women always try to be perfect and cover their shortages as nice as possible. They usually do eyelash extensions to help their eyes looks beautiful by having long eyelash.


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