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Why do You Choose to Live in Melbourne?

All people have their own favorite city to live, like London, Milan, Bali, Melbourne, etc. Of course, they have some reasons why we choose that city. It might be its facilities, cultures, politics, etc. How about you guys, what is your favorite city? If you do not choose your favorite city to live yet, I’ll suggest you to choose Melbourne as your live.

Now, I think you’ll ask me, why do you choose to live in Melbourne? Well, I’ll give you some reasons to answer your question.

1.       Melbourne is….

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria, Australia. Melbourne is the best place to live after Sydney. Besides, Melbourne has got three times ‘The World’s Most Liveable Cities’ predicate from The Economist in 2002, 2004 and 2011. This is a real proof of how friendly Melbourne is.


2.       Tourism and Transportation

There are many interesting places that you can visit in Melbourne, like Melbourne Cricket Ground, Albert Park, Casino Crown and many more. If you want to go to these places you can use many transportation access, like train, tram, and bus. If you want to go to other cities in Australia, you can use plane or car. If you want to go by car, I suggest you to use highway so you can be free from traffic jam.


3.       Builders Melbourne

If you have decided to live in Melbourne, I suggest you to choose builders Melbourne, especially from Dennis Family Homes. Dennis Family Homes provides you many house options in some strategist places, like Victoria, Melbourne, Geelong, etc. I’m sure you will get best services and accesses from Dennis.

Now, you can determine your choice place to your live. 🙂

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