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What You’ll Do For Broken Glass

• FOR LARGER PIECES: Use the duster and dust pan followed by the hand or stick vacuum.
• Roll the lint roller over the area.
• Spread out Play-doh and press until all slivers are removed.
• Go over the area one more time with the vacuum. Here’s the one you learned for picking up broken glass in the bathroom should you wish to go this route instead.
What You’ll Need
• Duster and dust pan and/or hand or stick vacuum
• Loaf of fresh bread (sliced)
What you’ll do:
• FOR LARGER PIECES: Sweep up with the duster and dust pan and then use the hand or stick vacuum.
• FOR SLIVERS: Gently press a piece of fresh bread firmly down on areas where glass slivers may be and lift. It may take several slices to get them all. Be sure to throw the slice out to avoid anyone in your household inadvertently using it to make a sandwich or your pooch from wolfing it down.

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