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Dream Comes True

When I was a final year student, I had a close friend named Kayla Jecevic. I usually called her, Kay and she called me, Max. In fact, I felt something special about her but I did not know her feeling. I thought, I loved her. I believed that everybody ever had the same feelings like me, right? I had a plan to tell her about my feeling. I had a dream to be her boyfriend. To make my plan succeed, I needed a good preparation.

Then, I asked my friends to give me some suggestions about the right plan to express my feeling. One of them told me a romantic plan. He suggested me to invite Kay to go to a restaurant. He said I should make a romantic situation, such as: give her a bouquet of roses, wear a nice shirt, prepare good romantic words, etc. In addition, I also needed to prepare for the worst situation. You know even though we can plan for the best, but something can go wrong.

One of my problems was nervous. One week later, I did my plan. I was so happy and really nervous. To omit my nervous I went to the toilet. I met my friend there that was working in that restaurant. I asked him how was the situation? He tried to make me relax and suggested me an additional plan.

He would turned the restaurant’s power down for a moment and replaced it using Battery Votive Candles to make a romantic situation. Soon after he put the candles in my table, I went back to my chair and tried to enjoy the situation. After five minutes, I tried to tell her what I felt. Can you guess, what did happen next? She gave a good smile and said something to me that was so romantic. Then, she told me loved me too. I was so happy and I wanted to say thanks to my friend for his help.

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