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What they’ll do for Baked-on Crunch

• Bring out your good ol’ baking soda and have them mix it with water in a small bowl. It’s three parts baking soda to one part water so, depending upon how big a mess it is, you may need to help them measure out the amount required. Use a measuring cup or measuring spoon. For an exact recipe and other uses for baking soda go to “Homeschooling: Baking Soda—Nature’s Miracle” on page 76.
• Spread the mixture on with a spatula.
• Set the timer for ten minutes and when it ringy-dingys tell them to wipe it up with a damp microfiber cloth or paper towels.
Being the klutz I am, I have dropped more than my share of glasses. Same holds true for friends and family who’ve enjoyed one too many of my accidental housewifely dirty martinis—a cocktail that I am especially fond of since it reminds me of the 1950s housewife who paved the way for us to come out of our broom closets and embrace our imperfect homekeeping ways. As a result, dirty martinis have become my signature drink as well as a key element in my preentertaining cleaning strategy. You see, by serving a dirty martini to my guests upon their arrival it helps blur their focus of any dust and debris and thereby gives the illusion of a clean-enough house. Brilliant, yes? They taste really good too. The recipe for this perfect offensive cleaning tool is on page 66. Of course, an easy alternative to prevent glass breaking is to use single-serving disposable drinks or plastic glasses, which are available in a variety of decorative styles and sizes. Many are also dishwasher-safe should you prefer to wash and use them again rather than toss.


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