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The Best Thing to do on Weekend

Weekend is the time when you can ‘escape’ from your daily job routine. After working so hard from Monday to Friday, I think you deserve to get some ‘reward’ on your weekend. For me, the reward is the time to spend with my family, my wife and my two little daughters. There are couple things you can do with your family on weekend, for example:

1. Camping

Children love camping. Just like when we were a child back then, we (at least for me) must be very excited when our parent took us to camping. Your camping trip will be much better if you have (or you can also rent) a travel trailers so your wife can bring more stuff for camping.

2. Shopping

I think everyone, especially women love shopping. They can spend 3 hours even more to find a shirt to buy, unbelievable. So because of my family contain of 3 women, so shopping is always on our weekend agenda.

This weekend I bought myself a Texas Tech sweatshirt. It’s a great sweatshirt especially if you are Texas Tech graduate. It remind you about your college life.

Well, I think those are two best things to do with your family on weekend. You should try it sometime, I believe they’ll like it!

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