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Remove Racks

When the self-cleaning function is in play it’s best to take out the racks and let them sit overnight in your sink or bathtub in hot, sudsy detergent water. You want to remove them before cleaning since the heat created during the cleaning cycle can discolor the metal and make removing them tough.

However, if you’re like me and forget to take them out, here’s an easy way to keep them from sticking the next day—and yes, you will have to remove them to do this:
• Use a steel wool pad to scrape away any debris.
• Spray the edges with a little bit of cooking spray or wipe them with salad oil.

Homeschooling: The Wrap on Aluminum Foil
I always thought that a uminum foil and tin foil were the same but I’ve earned I was wrong, and perhaps that’s why the Tin Man in e Wizard of O wasn’t made uminum! It seems that tin foil is stiffer than aluminum foil and tends to give food a slight tin taste (duh! , which is probably why the folks at Reyno ds Wrap rep aced tin foil with aluminum foil. Another interesting misnomer is that t doesn’t matter if you pack, cook, or reheat foods on the shiny or dull side since they’re the same. The only reason one side is dull is due to manufacturing. If you have been using this as an excuse for why din-din didn’t turn out qu te as you had hoped, fear not, this will remain our accidental housewifely secret!

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