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How to Increase My Furniture Sales?

Couple days ago I got a message from one of my friends. She told me how bad the furniture market these days. Then she asked if I have any suggestion to increase her furniture sales. Well, I think this might be good discussion so I decided to bring it up here.

To be honest, I’m not directly involve in any retail furniture business but I have some share in several furniture business and here is how we keep our sales high:

1. Use the network

Network is important! Can you think of any profession that can help your furniture business alive? It’s interior designer. Every interior designer will need the help of some furniture to make their design looks nice. So, if you can make a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with lot of interior designer, you can get regular sales on and on. Give them good commission for every client they bring to you, I’m sure they will be happy to do so.

Some people might think that sharing the profit with other party might not be a good idea. But I personally think that better to collect some profit instead of getting no sales at all.

2. Export Your Product

Think big! I mean don’t limit your market only for local market only. Think about the opportunity you have to market your product abroad. If you don’t have any connection outside the country, you can start by opening a professional website. Who know there will be someone abroad look at your site and order some of your furniture.

Keep in mind that you have to learn about international trade rules in order to export your furniture abroad. You can learn everything about the international trade rules, letter of credit and so on at ucp 600.

Those are two things that I applied at my furniture business. Hope it helps! Good luck!

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