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Give It First Aid

Rinse aids are invaluable for keeping comments about ugly water spots and dirty glasses to a minimum. Newer-model dishwashers generally have a designated area to pour in liquid rinse aids. But, regardless of whether you have an old or new model, the best rinse aids are those that hang from a shelf or rack. Why, you ask? Solid rinse aids work throughout the wash and rinse cycle while liquids do their thing only at the end of the wash cycle. Jet-Dry is a good store- bought liquid or solid option and, in case you were wondering, its Web site shares that it’s kosher! Finish and Glisten are also good rinse-aid choices but I was unable to find out if they’re kosher. By the way, if you’re lucky enough to have a water softener you don’t need a rinse aid, so consider going soft to eliminate one more thing to think about during the high holy days or any day!
Toss in Some Vinegar
Every two months pour a thirty-two-ounce bottle of white vinegar into the dispenser and run it on a full cycle without any dishes to remove gunk, debris, and those fi shy smells.

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