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Load Up on Layered Look
• Layer up to five plastic garbage bags in your trash can. As you do, be sure to let the air out between each one. Not only will this eliminate your having to put new bags in every other minute, but it’s a great way to deal with leaks or tears, thus avoiding a bigger mess and the need to clean.

• If layering isn’t your look, keep extra garbage bags folded on the bottom of your trash can so they are right there when you empty it.
Keep Yesterday’s News Put old newspapers on the bottom of your trash can to absorb leaks, not to mention odors!

Defensive Cleaning—the Not-So-Toxic Targets
 Okay, you’ve got an array of ways to stave off some of the potential cleaning challenges the kitchen may pose, but what about those unforeseen spills, burns, and overflows that you can’t predict? And they will occur unless you plan on eating out every meal, starving your family, or are fortunate enough to have a full-time chef along with domestic help. (If the latter is so, and you’re a single male, please call me immediately!) The following are ways to help you win the battle if not the war when your pasta sauce boils over or the fat from your steak catches fire, accidentally of course!

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