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Easy-Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner

It purports to work on self-cleaning ovens. And good news, my friends! I didn’t die from toxic fumes, which is what many spray-on products emit, and my self-cleaning oven was spick-and-span the next morning. I can’t guarantee results will be as good with your oven, but it worked for me. Best advice: Read the directions and cautions on the Easy-Off package and ask your friendly sales person where you bought your oven or contact the manufacturer to confirm it’s okay to use it.

 Self-cleaning ovens will do most of the work but for baked-on spots do the following:
• BEFORE YOU TURN ON CYCLE: Apply a 3:1 ratio mixture of baking soda and hot water, which will look like a paste. See “Homeschooling: Baking Soda—Nature’s Miracle” on page 76.

• AFTER CYCLE IS OVER: Remove the paste and debris by wiping it away with a cloth dampened with white vinegar.

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