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What they’ll do for Baked-on Crunch

• Bring out your good ol’ baking soda and have them mix it with water in a small bowl. It’s three parts baking soda to one part water so, depending upon how big a mess it is, you may need to

Baked-On Crunch

What you’ll need:

Stovetop Splatters

What you’ll need:


Load Up on Layered Look • Layer up to five plastic garbage bags in your trash can. As you do, be sure to let the air out between each one. Not only will this eliminate your having to put new bags

Give It First Aid

Rinse aids are invaluable for keeping comments about ugly water spots and dirty glasses to a minimum. Newer-model dishwashers generally have a designated area to pour in liquid rinse aids. But, regardless of whether you have an old or new