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Why Do I Need Online Backup Service

Having a backup plan is what you have to learn as an architect (or probably any other job as well)! I can easily say something like this now but back then, I learned this lesson in hard way:

Month ago my nephew came to my apartment. His mother which is my sister had to leave the town for an important meeting. Well, just one day with one little creature, I thought I would be an easy thing to do.

I let him stay on my apartment while I worked as I always do because I have a deadline in three days. Till one time, he asked me to use my laptop to play world of warcraft (Do you know what game is it?). I decided to let him use my laptop because I thought it can kill some time.

Couple hours later I asked my laptop back because I had some work to do with it. Guess what, I found my laptop was attacked by some Trojans! My God!  Some of my files are missing and still I had deadline in three days!

I didn’t know what to do for a while because there is no way I can finish my work in three days without that files. Fortunately, my IT friends helped me and he could help me recovered some files using tune up utilites.

Later he recommended me to use justcloud (if you want to read more about justcloud, please check justcloud review), an online backup service that can backup my data regularly as long as my laptop connects with internet! I didn’t think twice, I signed up right away! Guys, keep in mind that you have to have backup, either backup plan or backup data, okay!

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