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The Week Before You Move: Tell Family, Friends And Work You’re Moving

costIf your mum is anything like my mum, she has to have your contact details in order to get to sleep at night. It’s no use giving people your new contact details a week or two after you have moved in. You could have had heaps of people frantically trying to contact you in that time, and worried silly about your whereabouts.

You should do this before you move, because you will be so busy trying to get organized in the first month you are in a new place that the last thing on your mind will be giving Nanna your new address. Making an effort to give as many people as possible the details of your new home will mean you won’t need to have your mail re- directed for so long, and hence the less you will have to pay in redirection fees. Nowadays there is really no excuse for not telling friends your new details.

It would take you all of five minutes to do a group email to your friends, two minutes to tell your boss about the changes as you are finishing your working day, and one phone call to Mum or Dad to tell them and ask them to pass on the info to the rest of the family. If worst comes to worst and you just don’t have time to give everyone your new details, they will always be able to get you on your mobile or by email—thank goodness for modern technology!

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