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Suck It Up

Dust and debris can accumulate in your fridge’s coils and decrease the efficiency of the unit. So take your vacuum out every month and clean the coils, which are located above, below, or on the back of your fridge.

 Seal the Deal
 Every few months wipe the gasket on your refrigerator door (that’s the rubbery looking rim) with a small amount of petroleum jelly to help limit sticking and tearing. It will also tighten the seal so your fridge will run more effi ciently.

 General Advice: Pray for Old Age
• Check how old your non-self-cleaning oven is and keep your fingers crossed that it’s time to consider buying a new self- or continuous-cleaning model.
• Consider cooktops that have as few crevices as possible and sealed burners instead of open ones, since they are easier to clean of grease and burned-on spills (especially if you cook as sloppily as I do!).
For All Ovens, Ranges, and Cooktops:
READ MANUAL: If you haven’t misplaced or thrown it out it’s best to read your owner’s manual, since each model varies. If you’ve misplaced it you can call the manufacturer for how- to info.
 CLEAN PRONTO: When a spill happens, wipe it up immediately before it has a chance to get baked on. Be careful not to burn yourself if the cooktop, range, or oven is still hot or warm.

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