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Spill-N-Wash Liners

 These are your machine-washable option that look cute and you can can find at www.Mom4life .com. Besides, they were invented by a mom so we should show our thanks for her helpfulness!

Foil Liners

Line your freezer shelves with aluminum foil, which will make cleaning up easier when your hubs or kiddies finally remember to put back the tub of melted ice cream they left on the counter hours ago. Wax paper works too, but food can stick to it. I prefer foil because it also helps to maintain the cold.
 Time to Toss
 Every week or two check the expiration dates on foods in your fridge and toss any that are past due, particularly if they’re lumpy, sporting a greenish cast when they should be white or yellow, or require you to wear a nose clip. There’s a really cool disposable device called Timestrips that can help you keep track of stuff you open like pasta sauce or baby food by automatically counting down the days to their demise. Truly an accidental housewife’s must have. Go to www.timestrip.com.

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