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I Love Football

Hi guys, how you doing? Well, this Friday night I just want to talk about something simple, not about interior design and so on. Let’s talk about more interesting topic, Football! I probably never told you that I’m huge fan of American football!

Are you a huge fan of football too? If you do, I bet you must have watched the super bowl on February 5! It was a great match between New York Giants versus New England Patriots, just like the super bowl match at 2008! You know what, I don’t even care that I spend hundreds dollar to buy 2 tickets to watch that game directly! It was amazing really!

Besides, I also love to collect the football item collections like helmet. You know what, to keep your helmet collection lasting forever; you need to use football helmet display cases. It’s like a glass box to fully cover your collection. Therefore, not only you can keep it well, a nice display case will also make your helmet collections look nice.

Before I use a display cases, I just put my helmet collections on my cabinet and you know what, some termite love to mess up with my helmet. I lose one of my precious helmets before. That’s why I always use a display case.

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