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Child’s Play

A youngster and a stick vacuum—now that’s my idea of offensive cleaning! Kids love to vacuum and it’s a safe way to let them share in the joy of housekeeping and to keep debris at bay. If you don’t have a stick vacuum, give them a Swiffer, along with their iPod, and then go take a break!

Mat Quest

Make your life easy and buy some decorative, machine-washable kitchen mats to catch the debris. Place them in front of your sink, oven, stove, key work area, and trash can.

Invest in shelf liners for your fridge. That way when those veggies you’ve been hoping will cook themselves have turned limp and slimy or the milk or ice cream drips you can toss the liner out along with the rotten stuff. Paper towels work but they won’t absorb as well and might leak through, making a bigger mess for Momma. Dishwasher-safe, plastic mats are another good alternative, as are rubberized liners which you can find at your local supermarket or retailer. Here are two of my accidental housewifely faves—the first is disposable and the second is machine-washable:
1. FRIDGE FRESH LINER. These are terrific since they have some kind of patented fiber that absorbs and locks in liquids, making them great for spills. Plus they’ve got baking soda so they’re wonderful for absorbing odors. In fact, they claim to be seven times more absorbent than your handy-dandy paper towels so spills and drips won’t be traveling. They come in packs of four and fi t any space, so give these disposable wonders a try.

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