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Costs Hidden Costs: Who Has To Do The Repairs? Part (5)

costMy friend Cathy was renting a house with a few friends—but only her name was on the lease. From the time they moved in the roof in the back room of the house had leaked a bit when it rained. She had told her landlord about the problem, but he told her that the leak was so small that fixing it wasn’t high on the list of repairs he had to do.

Then, after one massive storm, the part of the ceiling that had been leaking totally fell in, flooding the room in the process. Cathy tried to contact her landlord straightaway to notify him of this urgent repair. He got back to her within the hour and organized for someone to come and fix the roof and clean the carpets the next day.

Cathy considered herself lucky that in the end her land- lord had come through with the goods and fixed the problem. But she couldn’t help wondering if the roof would ever have fallen in if her landlord had come and fixed the leak in the weeks before—imagine the money he would have saved himself!

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