Monthly Archives: February 2012

Make It A Habit

After every cooking soiree and once the appliance has cooled, get in the habit of wiping off your cooktop, the inside of the oven door, or any other area that you can easily reach or is easily seen by others.

Suck It Up

Dust and debris can accumulate in your fridge’s coils and decrease the efficiency of the unit. So take your vacuum out every month and clean the coils, which are located above, below, or on the back of your fridge.

House for Newlyweds

Many newlyweds want to have their own house after getting married. I believe that only a few newlyweds that are happy to live with the bride or groom’s parents, don’t you think the same? They want to build a new

Finding the Right House

Having a house is being dreamt by most people. To make the dream comes true they sometimes have to work hard. They have to save money for years to buy their dream house. It is important to think over before

Time to Toss

 Every week or two check the expiration dates on foods in your fridge and toss any that are past due, particularly if they’re lumpy, sporting a greenish cast when they should be white or yellow, or require you to wear