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Moving out on your Own

You have been living on your parents’ die for long enough and now you are going to be moving into your new place. You could do what every other kid does and get your furniture second had as it comes to you, living on milk crates and a couple old mattresses from some futons that you have fashioned into a bed. Or you could take a little time and make your apartment into someplace you will be proud to bring guests.

The first place you need to start is the bedroom. Bedframes are expensive and can eat up your budget in a heartbeat. For the bed I suggest staying with asian platform beds and spending the extra money on a good mattress. If you really want to go cheap you can just go with the most basic frame that just consists of legs to support your box spring and then buy a bed skirt. You could also avoid the whole cost and put the box spring right on the floor but a nice mattress on the floor looks like a squatter with a bad back and fancy tastes has moved in. Spend a little money and look into platform beds.

If you are living in a studio then the only place to start is the bedroom, because that is all you have. In that case, I suggest skipping the platform beds and going right for futons. Something that can be converted between a bed and a couch will help you save space and create the illusion that your studio is more than just a glorified bedroom. Futons are considerably better for this job than pullout couches but you need to make sure to get a good one. They don’t offer much support so you are going to need to buy some extra padding to make them more comfortable in the long run. They will still never compete with full platform beds for comfort though.

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