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Food, Food, and Food!

heatlhy food

There are many kinds of food that become people’s favorite food. There are like meatball. Spaghetti, pizza, fried chickens, etc.

Most people especially kids like to eat food that are made from meat. Meatball is one of them. As its name meatball are made of chopper meat. The chopper meat is added by salt, pepper and other ingredients then it is made like small ball. This meatball can be fried, or can be boiled. The meatball that is eaten with noodle becomes very liked in some places.

The meat is produce in farm. It is common from the cows. This farmer’s breed cattle like cows, chicken, sheep, etc. When it is time to sell their cattle; they use cattle scales to weigh the cattle. Thus, having cattle scales is important to weight cattle.

To slaughter the cattle is done in a special place for slaughtering. Then the meat of cattle send to the market, supermarket, butcher, etc. in these places people can buy the meat.  Then the meat can be cooked as what they want.

Like making meatball, if you want to make spaghetti, you need chopped meat or slices meat in making this pasta.  Meat lovers’ pizza is liked by people who like meat very much because the topping of pizza are meat in various taste.

It is good to eat meat because meat contain nutrition that needed by our body. But it is better id you eat other food such as vegetables, fruit. Our body needs much nutrition. That nutrition comes from both animals and plants. Enjoy your favorite food!

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