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Costs Hidden Costs: Who Has To Do The Repairs?

costRepairs are something that landlords and agents have to do in order to keep the premises in a state fit for you to live in. The landlord or agent is responsible for fixing anything on the premises that isn’t your fault or the result of damage that you have caused—for example, a leaking tap.

It is your responsibility as a tenant to keep the place clean and in good condition. It is the responsibility of your landlord or agent to ensure that the premises are clean and fit to live in at the start of your tenancy. The landlord must then make sure that your home is kept in a ‘reasonable state of repair’, the level of which usually depends on the amount of rent you are paying and the age of the premises.

If you are paying $150 a week you probably can’t expect your landlord to come and fix all the little things. If you are paying $1000 a week you could expect him to do a bit more. For example, my aunt lives in an apartment building that has a caretaker on call 24/7 to fix anything, from a broken door handle to changing a light bulb.

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