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Costs Hidden Costs: Who Has To Do The Repairs? Part (3)

costAccording to the Renting Guide there are five steps to follow to try and get your landlord to do your repairs:

•S t e p 1 —Call your landlord or agent in person and explain to them in a straightforward way what you think the problem is and what you would like to be done. Keep detailed notes of the dates and times you contacted your landlord or agent, what was said and what was decided upon.

• Step 2—If you get a favorable response, write the landlord or agent a letter that confirms what was agreed upon in your conversation. Include the date of the conversation in your letter.

•S t e p 3 —If you get a negative response, you need to decide whether the problem is big enough to justify the hassle of taking the matter further. If you think it’s a really important issue, write your land- lord or agent a letter that states what you want done and in a reasonable time limit.

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