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Costs Hidden Costs: Who Has To Do The Repairs? Part (2)

Costs Hidden CostsBut if you are renting a unit or townhouse at a cheap price, don’t expect this kind of service. According to the NSW Department of Fair Trading’s Renting Guide, landlords or agents must organise for any urgent repairs to be done as soon as reasonably possible. Urgent repairs include things like:

• A gas leak, a serious roof leak, serious storm or fire damage, and blocked or broken toilets.

• A failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering.

• Any other fault or damage that is causing the property to be unsafe or not secure.

If you can’t reach your landlord when an urgent repair has to be carried out, you are entitled to spend up to $500 getting the problem fixed and to be paid back by your landlord within fourteen days. All the details on this kind of stuff can be found in your tenancy agreement. I’m sure that you have heard stories from your friends of land- lords who don’t return phone calls and never get around to doing repairs.

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