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Costs Hidden Costs: What If You Damage The Place?

cost hiddenDamage can be defined as any harm that you have caused to the premises that you are renting, even if by accident. The cost of any repairs that the landlord or agent has to make to the premises, as a result of damage that you have caused, comes directly out of your bond money.

As I mentioned before, damage can include everything from chip- ping paint off the wall to breaking the door, breaking the oven, putting a hole in the wall or staining the carpet (beyond normal wear and tear). My friend Nick moved out of home with a mate into an apartment just outside the centre of the city.

When they moved in they had to pay a bond of $700,which Nick covered himself because he was certain he would get it all back again—and thought it would be a good bit of savings to get back when they moved out. A couple of months after they moved in it was Nick’s house- mate’s twenty-first birthday, so Nick decided to throw him a big surprise party.(I bet you can guess what happened next.)

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