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Costs Hidden Costs: What If You Damage The Place? Part (2)

costAbout 50 people turned up (I was one of them),way more than Nick had expected, and not only were neighbours complaining non-stop about the noise but the place was wrecked—not deliberately, but so many people were cramped into a tiny apartment that a few accidents started happening.

It all started with red wine being spilt on the cream carpet, then the guys were mucking around and chucking a ball inside .. .which ended up through a window. They knew that if they contacted their landlord about the incidents he would have paid for the repairs out of their bond money.

So instead Nick shopped around for the best carpet cleaning and window replacing quotes. In the end the damage cost them $450—it was a very expensive party! Just as in Nick’s case, you might like to think twice before calling on your landlord when you do a little bit of damage to your place.

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