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What to Look for in Buying a Twin Home Part (2)

Their neighbors, also first-time homebuyers, were great, and everything went smoothly for a couple of years. Then a slowdown in the local economy forced several large businesses to lay off people, and Pat and Andy’s neighbor was one of the unlucky ones let go. A for sale sign followed, but after several months of no action, the bank foreclosed and an investor bought the twin for a rental.

The tenants didn’t take care of their side of the yard, the grass died, and it soon became an eyesore. Although the small twin subdivision had CC&Rs requiring owners to maintain their yards, the city lacked the manpower and will to enforce the rules. Had these twin homes been part of a PUD with a strong homeowners association, they could have pressured the new owner with foreclosure to keep the yard up.


For homebuyers who don’t want the restrictions of a condo or the yard work of a single family home, PUDs are a good compromise. The units often are detached, giving the feel of a house with a small yard or private patio.

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