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Understanding Points and Buydowns (3)

However, in a competitive market, if you shop around, you may find point discounts as high as one-quarter of 1 percent. Plus, the length of time that you want to lock in the discounted rate is an important factor; a

Understanding Points and Buydowns (2)

Buydowns are mortgage programs whereby a third party pays some points to reduce the buyer’s interest rate and thus help a home buyer qualify for the mortgage. For example, as a concession, a seller may pay four points to the

Opening A Small Store In Your House, Why Not?

House is a place to live, the place where the whole family members spend most of their time. But sometimes if you want to get additional income, you can use one or some rooms in your house for making money.

Understanding Points and Buydowns

An important part of determining interest rates and putting together real estate mortgage deals involves loan points and interest buydowns. In fact, no understanding of mortgage interest is complete without knowing how these points and buydowns work—and most important, how

Mattress Sets for You

After doing your daily activities, what is going to do then? Of course you want to take a rest. You want to sleep tightly, so the next day when you get up in the morning you will feel fresh and