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What About Cocktail Table

cocktail-tableNext, bring in your cocktail table, end tables, occasional tables, sofa tables, consuls, etc. In a living room, a cocktail table can be centered in front of a sofa while an end table can be placed at the end of a sofa and an occasional table can be placed between two chairs. If you are “floating” a sofa (placing the sofa away from the wall), make sure that you also pull the end table(s) out and “float” them beside the sofa.

One thing to keep in mind is that your end tables do not need to match each other or even the other tables in the room. Unique tables can add variety to the room and can make for a much more interesting look when they compliment other furniture in the room. It is ideal, when you do have a second seating area, if you can make it funtional by placing a games table in between a couple of chairs.

Another thing to keep in mind when placing tables is if your client plans to eat or drink or entertain in that particular room. If so, is there a place to set down a glass or plate near each seat? If not, another table should be placed.

Use plenty of lighting. Remember lighting helps to set a mood and it also serves a purpose.

Next, bring in and place any floor lamps and/or table lamps. When placing lamps, you need to determine where the activities will be taking place. For example, if there is an area for reading or an area for doing hobbies or an area for doing work, a task lamp will need to be placed in the specific area. If there is one area of the room that doesn’t get enough general lighting, it would be ideal to add a floor lamp to that area.

As you will see from the information provided above, it is much easier to arrange furniture when you have drawn a floor plan and when you use the layering process and place the furniture with this systematic approach in mind.

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