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Use Mirror To “Enlarge” Your House

home mirrorMirrors are fantastic to use because they help to make a space look even larger than it is and open it up. The most important thing to take into consideration when hanging a mirror is what will be reflected back when you look into the mirror. It is ideal if a beautiful view, or an interesting piece or artwork are reflected back.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging mirrors is hanging one over a fireplace mantel. This can work sometimes (if the mantel is low enough and the ceiling is high enough); however, most of the time, when individuals are sitting in a room and looking into a mirror over a fireplace mantel, what is reflected back is the ceiling, which is definitely not a point of interest. It is preferable to hang a unique and special piece of art over a fireplace mantel in such a case and hang the mirror opposite the fireplace.

If a mirror is too small to be placed on its own on a wall, then you can either group a number of mirrors together or hang items on each side of the mirror such as sconces or two pieces of artwork.


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