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Low Credit Score = No More Loan?

bad_creditDo you know what credit score is? Credit score is a number which show how reliable you are when you’re dealing with credit or loan. Credit score ranges from 300 – 850. The lower your score is the less chance you have to get more loans because lower credit score determine such untrustworthy person. Do you think you want to have a deal with ‘troubled’ person? Well, I don’t think so.

On the other hand if you have higher credit score, the chance for you to get more loans is higher because based on your credit history, you have a good behavior. People would love to lend you more money.

Unfortunately, not all of us are perfect. There must be time when we have troubles like shopping too much or wasting money to buy something useless so in the end we can’t pay our loan back. When that happen, your credit score will sink. The worst part is your name will be listed in bad credit list. That is a disaster. People whose name listed in that list will have little chances to get more loans. Even if you can get one, the interest rate that the lender apply to you is surprisingly huge! Almost 20% or even more! Well, I’m not kidding guys!

Lucky for us, today there is badcreditloanshop, a financial institution who are willing to help people who have bad credit. I really recommend you to take the credit from badcreditloanshop because this is your second chance to prove that you’re not the person you were. Just make sure you keep your second chance well. Therefore you can restore your name later on!

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