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How to Choose Original Perfumes

scentsy solid perfumesBuy perfume is fun, especially for girls who are very sensitive to odors. But today, there are lot of fake perfumes available. For those who have experienced would not be problematic to determine the authenticity of perfume they buy, but for the amateur, it’s not that easy to know the different. Everything is possible, because it’s been a lot of synthetic compounds that can be mixed to obtain fragrance that is not much different than the original. Is it enough to rely on sense of smell?

Then how to anticipate so you can get cheap original perfumes, you should read the following tips:

1. Check the brand through the internet. Make sure you find their official website.

2. Learn the type of perfume that you buy over the internet, about the distinctive aroma, match the durability of the perfume, whether in accordance with the existing information, the bottle size and color.

3. A good perfume is generally no hot taste, smell (like a refill), oily or stained, because its composition is similar to other original brand.

5. Also check the expiration period. Shelf life is long enough for original perfume, reaching an annual.

By following the tips above, I’m pretty sure that you can buy the right perfumes for you. Need recommendation? Well, for years I use Scentsy Solid Perfumes from scentsy.us and I can say that I really satisfy with their product because they deliver all of their promise and most important thing is it is an original one!

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