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How to Arrange The Furniture Well?


As mentioned under “Space Planning,” before placing any furniture, you should take the time to draw some plans. You can do this by taking your “base” floor plan (referred to above) and, using a furniture template in the same scale, you can draw in the various furniture items (in pencil) right on to a copy of your floor plan.

If something doesn’t work, you can erase it and make a different arrangement. By doing this in advance of placing any furniture, you will ultimately be saving time in the long run. When planning the placement of furniture, ensure that there is a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance to create a visual balance and harmony.

When arranging furniture, always remember to use the “layering” process by placing items in the following order:

(1) place the area rug first, then

(2) place the large wooden furniture items,

(3) place the upholstered furniture items,

(4) place the tables, and

(5) place the lamps.

Make sure that the area rug is placed exactly where you want it before any furnishings are placed in the room. The area rug will ground the room and establish the color direction.

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