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How to Arrange The Furniture Well? (2)

office-home-furnitureThe next step is to place the large wooden furniture items such as an armoire or an entertainment center (in a living room or family room) or a bed (in a bedroom) or a desk (in an office).

A common mistake that some people make is putting the largest piece of furniture on one of the smallest walls or trying to place large furniture items in a room that is too small to handle it. Ensure that the largest wooden furniture items are placed against the larger walls.

TIP: Large pieces of furniture should be evenly distributed within a room to keep the room balanced. Leave room around large furniture pieces for the best effect.

After you have placed the large furniture items, you can then place other pieces in relation to them.

The next step is to bring the upholstered furniture item(s) into the room, whether it be a couch/sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, bench, chaise lounge or settee. Start with the largest upholstery items first. For example, if there is a sofa, loveseat, large chair and two occasional chairs to go into the room, first you would bring in the sofa, then the loveseat, then the large chair and finally the occasional chairs.

Don’t line up the furniture around the perimeter of the room-use the center of the room also.

TIP:  A lot of open floor space isn’t a good thing. One thing you should do in a mid- to large-size room and should probably do even in a smaller room is move the sofa away from the wall (that is, “float” the sofa in the room) and move it towards the center of the room to make a conversation area.

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