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hanging_artworkWhen hanging artwork, if a piece is large enough to stand on its own, it should be placed alone on a wall for a more dramatic effect. However, if the artwork is not large enough to stand on its own, it is best to “group” artwork on a wall.

When grouping artwork, it is ideal to have similar frames or matting to coordinate pieces together. However, before hanging a grouping of artwork, it is best to experiment with the pieces on the floor and try various arrangements until you and your client find the most suitable arrangement.

Additionally, you can also experiment with wall arrangements by cutting out paper that is the same size and shape of each piece of artwork and then, with painter’s tape, you can apply the paper to the wall to get an idea of where each piece of artwork in the grouping will hang.

When grouping artwork, the largest pieces should be kept at the bottom of the grouping to anchor the group. By experimenting with arrangements using the above techniques, this will save having nails hammered into the wall that may need to be moved if the original arrangement doesn’t quite work.

Don’t hang all artwork at the same level. A general rule of thumb is to place artwork approximately six to eight inches above a sofa or around eye level. However, ideally you should hang artwork at different levels. An exception to this is when you are grouping a number of identically-sized items side by side.

These items should be placed at the same level. Besides grouping artwork side by side, also stack artwork (in other words, place one piece above the other and so on). When grouping artwork, placing four to six pieces together can look fabulous. Keep in mind that vertical arrangements draw the eye up and can add height to a room while horizontal arrangements can draw the eye across the room and make a room look wider.

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