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Do You Need Extra Money for Home Design?

moneyIf I have money tree, I want to design my home as I wish. In fact, I only have limited budget, an extra tight budget, to do my hobby in home design, so I should be very creative in getting extra income. Thus, my husband will not complain with my habit to buy a lot of things to design our house. I hope my sharing can be useful for you too 🙂

First, if you love making cookies and cakes, you can sell yours into your neighbors. At first, in order to market your product, you can bring your homemade cakes or cookies in neighbors gathering. If they really love your cake, your neighbor can order cake or cookie from you whenever they need it. Also, if you work in certain companies, promote your product to your office colleagues too.

Second, if you love to make bracelet or design jewelry. You can try to make bracelet and sell it to your friends. You can also your online medias, such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your products. You can tag your friends in the photos of your products.

However, if you are a full time housewife, you can try to earn money online by blogging. If you love to play cards, especially blackjack, check the blackjack blog continuously to get the latest update of its tips and tricks. You can participate in online blackjack and get “real” money when you win it. But, don’t play using your emotion, especially if you lose.

There are more ideas to get extra money to pay for your hobby (home design and home improvement). What you should do is being creative in earning money, because many of us are not coming from rich family or having rich husband. If you have it, you’re very lucky guys 😉

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