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Design Your Garden? Why Not!

garden_designHaving a garden is a good thing. Even though it’s a small one, its still can be place for you to relax, release your stress away. But in order to do that, you have to design your garden well so you can fell comfortable when you are there. How? Well, this time I want to share with you some design concept that you can apply at your garden.

FYI, garden design is not necessary follow the design concept that you apply at your home. You can have a different concept as long as you like it. Difference is beautiful, right? Well, here are some design concepts that you can apply on your garden:

1. Mediterranean

This design is suitable to be combined with a minimalist home because it can display various kinds of shapes and textures of plants in all shades of green. Would look better if the park is equipped with a minimalist house existing fish ponds shower.

2. Tropical

For those who prefer a soft appearance, you can choose this design. The thing that you need to consider when choosing this design is to choose plants that bloom when the color contrast with the color of his house. Besides, you can also add some outdoor chair using outdoor seat cushions to make you even more comfortable when you’re relaxing.

3. Japanese Garden

Cherry country-style garden is a lot of his philosophical message. The most suitable plants that have texture is not hard to measure the short-short.

4. American Garden

When using this model, choose plants whose leaves are numerous and shady. This type is well suited for people who like to perform a wide range of outdoor activities. And if you want to create a minimalist garden with this concept must have enough land

5. British Garden

This concept is ideal for large size garden because it would be able to add a handsome and dignified impression on the building. English garden this model also needs a wide area. Because the need to place the garden and decorative lighting metal chair to relax.

So which concept you choose? Have fun!

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