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Best Way to Put Your Sofa


If you place the sofa and a loveseat in an “L” shape, you can often create, depending on the size of a room, a second seating area. It is ideal to have a second and even a third seating area in a very large room.

It is likely, in most cases, that the largest upholstered item (such as the sofa or loveseat) will be facing the focal point of the room. For example, in a family room, the large sofa will likely face the television while in a living room, the sofa may face the fireplace, etc.

One practice that is becoming more common and adds interest to a room is using an oversized upholstered ottoman as either a seating area or even as a coffee table.

In a bedroom, it is best to place an item at the end of the bed, such as an upholstered bench or a small chest, to anchor the bed and to add some dimension to the room. Another option is to place a small area rug, either on its own or under the bench, at the end of the bed.


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