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Adjustable Standing Desks

Less body movement can cause several diseases. Most of us already know about that common knowledge, but our job “require” us to sit in the desk during the office hour. The exception might apply to those who work as journalists, actors, actresses, athletes, contractors, etc. While most of other professions, such as accountants, programmers, web developers, interior designer, engineers, sales marketing, force us to sit on our table all day long.

Some studies show the drawbacks of lack of activity and recommend us to do simple movement after sitting around 30 minutes. However, how many of us practice the tips and tricks given? Only a few of us. At first we might be very enthusiasm and interested to follow the directions, but after a week or a month, we can forget about doing simple exercise easily.

When we’re working, our minds focus on the work we do and tend to forget other “unimportant things”. For example, we know that working in front of the computer continuously is not good, so we have to take a 5 minutes break after concentrating for 30 minutes. During the break we can go to the restroom, take a glass of water, have a short chat with our friends, or etc.

It’s similar when we discuss about sitting continuously. In general, the average fixed desk height in North America is around 27 to 30 inches. Do you know that fixed desks make our movements below the waist are very limited. The part of our body that keeps moving is only our hand, because we have to type, write, drink, etc. This is not good for the blood circulation.

In order to overcome the situation, adjustable standing desks should replace the fixed desk. However due to high price, most companies decide not to use it for this moment. Luckily, now you can get these adjustable standing desks from Ergo Depot starting from $599.99. You can use the desk easily just by pressing the button, the electric sit and desk can move from sitting to standing, and everywhere in between. The quality of the products is also very good.

How if your company doesn’t want to provide the adjustable standing desks due to the price? I think you can start by buying one by your own to be put at your house while you’re waiting to get one at your office. Your spouse and children can use that while they have to working on the desks. This is part of your attention about your family health too guys.

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